Resolution of Headaches in a 13-Year-Old Following Restoration of Cervical Curvature Utilizing Chiropractic Biophysics: A Case Report Curtis Fedrochuk, D.C., Greg Wheeler, B.B.A., D.C.

In this case study, a 13-year-old patient with daily headaches was presented for chiropractic care.  During the physical and radiographic examination, it was found that the patient demonstrated a lack of range of motion in lateral bending on both sides, spastic muscles in the neck, a loss of the cervical curve (abnormal structure in the neck), and forward head posture.  He was treated with Chiropractic BioPhysics protocol, to restore range of motion, alleviate muscle spasms, and restore the cervical curvature. After a 6-week treatment protocol, the patient’s cervical curve was restored, the patient’s forward head posture was reduced, and the daily headaches were eliminated!

This is why structural correction of the spine is so important! Cervicogenic headaches (headaches that are caused by abnormalities in the neck) are very common and are a condition that we see commonly at NoVa Spine and Wellness.

The structure of the spine is oftentimes the root cause of symptoms, which is why we seek to normalize spinal structure with all our patients! If you or someone you know is having chronic headaches or migraines, we would love to help, give us a call today!