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Our chiropractic biophysics®, spinal decompression therapy, and other treatments are tailored to each individual patient, with the goals of alleviating symptoms, preventing degeneration, and providing long-term results. Let us guide you on your path to life-long health and wellness!

Chiropractor Care

Chiropractic Care

Focusing on treatment of the spine

Spinal Decompression Therapy

Stretching the spine to relieve pain

Exercise Counseling

Tailor a plan specifically to you and your goals

Weight Loss & Nutritional Counseling

Change your health with your diet

Delivering superior and long-lasting results

Anthony Mujica
Anthony Mujica
April 20, 2022.
Dr. Nick Weber has helped me improve not only my back health, but my overall health with his lifestyle tips. I look forward to being a member of his practice for many years to come!
John Weber
John Weber
April 14, 2021.
I was in a car accident that left me with pretty severe pain in my mid back and neck. I felt a lot of relief after my first adjustment and now that I have been following the treatment plan they set up for me I am free of pain and back to normal. Thank you!!
Brian O'Donnell
Brian O'Donnell
April 8, 2021.
As someone who does not look forward to doctor appointments, I appreciated Dr. Weber's research based/pragmatic approach to care. I communicated my apprehension and before completing any procedures, Dr. Weber completed a thorough evaluation and x-rays. Over the course of my next several appts Dr. Weber performed adjustments and ordered exercises that drastically improved my posture and resolved my severe neck pain. I am elated with the results and actively recommend Dr. Weber to everyone I encounter with neck/back pain.
David Weber
David Weber
April 7, 2021.
I've had a recurring lower back issue for several years now and recently had a flare up. I went to go see Dr. Weber and he gave me a top notch adjustment and ordered me an at-home lower spine curvature correction device that has been working wonders! I can finally play a round of 18 with the boys without getting sciatica the next day. Thanks Dr. Weber!
Alex Boivin
Alex Boivin
February 26, 2021.
Dr. Nick is very thorough with his exams and patient centered. He took his time with me and found the route cause of my back, neck and hip pain. Hands down the best chiropractor in Vienna, Va. Highly recommend!
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