Every year, we say this is the year that we will hold to our resolution…and then we slowly start making excuses…again. We know it is hard to keep resolutions, especially with healthy living.

That is where we come in.

We want to help you turn your resolution into a healthy lifestyle through our tailored weight loss and exercise plans.

Our plans start with an initial 3-month commitment with the option to continue month to month after that. Every weight loss and exercise plan includes:

Initial consultation to tailor your plan

One free chiropractic adjustment per month (valued at $65)

Weekly check-in via zoom

Weekly weigh-in via zoom

Food log analysis using Fitness Pal app

Weight loss counseling booklet to track progress

Exercise counseling

The initial 3-month commitment is $1,350 and needs to be paid in full (this includes a 10% percent discount). After the 3 months, you can continue month-to-month at $500 or continue to receive a 10% discount when you pay 3 months at a time.